Night Dives at the Gold Coast Seaway
Night Dives at the Gold Coast Seaway


The Gold Coast Seaway has greater variety and more recorded species of any shore dive in Australia. With over 400 different species found in the seaway we are lucky to have it right on our back door step! You can dive a site a thousand times and when you dive it for the first time at night it feels like an entirely different site. So come down and join us and rediscover our local under the cover of darkness!

If you have already completed a night dive as part of your Advanced Open Water then you only have to join us for one night to complete the practical component of your Night diver specialty. If you haven’t then we will need you to join us for both nights.


Brief History of the Gold Coast Seaway

In 1984 a project commenced to stabilize the Nerang River estuary which links the Gold Coast Broadwater and Nerang River to the Pacific Ocean. The purpose was to ensure a safer entrance for recreational boats, the trawler fleet and other commercial boats accessing the Pacific from the Gold Coast and to also provide permanent point at which to pump treated effluent water out to sea. In addition, the objective was to reduce the northward sand drift from forming bars in the entrance to the seaway and blocking access to small craft. As a result, a sand pumping jetty was installed south of the seaway and the sand is pumped north across the seaway through a bypass pipe and out onto the beach of South Stradbroke Island. Prior to the Gold Coast Seaway being constructed there was an area at the southern end of Crab Island known as “The Deep Hole”. This was a thriving ecosystem that was home to many fish. However, on the opening of the Gold Coast Seaway in 1986, this filled with sand and the habitat was lost.

The sand bypass pipe was initially set under the sand at 6m, with the planned seafloor at low tide to be approximately 4.5 metres, but the tidal currents that filled The Deep Hole with sand quickly uncovered the pipe. It has since remained largely exposed. Since being uncovered, 10 upright supports were installed anchoring the pipe above the seaway floor, 13 metres being the deepest point the bypass pipe reaches and in some places the pipe is 3 m off the seaway floor. This pipe, the effluent outlet pipe and the rock walls of the Gold Coast Seaway have gradually over the last 20 years replaced the lost habitat of The Deep Hole and now offer a special and significant marine environment.










Suitable for Open Water Divers (certified to 18 metres)
Depth ranges from 4 – 18 metres
Diving by yourself? We will buddy you up with another diver with similar experience












Monday, 29 April 2019
Tuesday, 30 April 2019

To book onto anyone of our night dives click HERE


$50 per person

The following are recommended upgrade for this dive
PADI Night Diver speciality course @ $295 per person


1 x Night dive at the Gold Coast Seaway
Tank and weights
Dive Master services










All Dive Gear (excluding tanks & weights)


PDS is able to provide you with a wetsuit, BCD, regulator, computer, tanks and weights for the dives and please communicate your requirements on the booking form.  Full gear hire is $40 for the dive and individual pricing is available upon request. You must provide your own mask, snorkel, fins and boots these items are not available for hire from us


Download the booking form attached to the page. Complete the required fields, scan and email to [email protected].


Click HERE to book online

Please do not turn up unannounced as we may not have enough tanks and weights for everyone.

Long pipe / sand pipe Gold Coast Seaway


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